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A pail of NORDOT Adhesive in front of a goal on a synthetic turf field

Eight Great Reasons to Choose
NORDOT® Adhesives

1. Can be used year ‘round in any temperature the installer can work.

Another highly popular feature of NORDOT® Adhesives is their ability to be used year ‘round “in any temperature the installer can work”, from sub-freezing cold to desert heat. If you’ve ever had an installation delayed because the adhesive you used was restricted to a narrow temperature application range, you can appreciate the value of knowing your project will not be slowed down nor your labor costs raised by temperature variations when you use NORDOT® Adhesives. Bottom line: install 12 months a year, with greatly reduced down time due to weather and/or temperature-related delays. This means more installations, more profits, and more referrals from satisfied customers.

2. High “Green Strength”, one-part, easy to use, installer-friendly.

NORDOT® Adhesives have a unique and very important property called “Green Strength” (grab/tack as opposed to oily/slippery). This gives an adhesive the ability to hold two surfaces together when first contacted and before (still ‘green’) the adhesive develops its ultimate bonding properties when fully cured. It is vital for successful outdoor installations because it helps overcome the tendency of surfaces like synthetic turf to separate, curl, bubble, lift, creep, slip and wrinkle during installation. All NORDOT® Adhesives have several other unique properties. For example, they are one-part, solvent-based and easy-to-use. No mixing, no measuring, no waste. Just open the lid and ‘go’. They pour and spread easily. NORDOT® airless spray adhesives can be applied with negligible overspray and minimal airborne mist, even on windy days.

3. Extraordinary water resistance above, and submerged in, fresh- and salt-water.

NORDOT® Adhesives are widely used in military applications, plus in the sports turf, recreational surfaces and “aqua-bonding” industries because of their outstanding water resistance in fresh- and salt-water, above and submerged, in all types of climates worldwide. Their ease of use, even under adverse weather conditions, lowers job costs through faster and more reliable, durable installations. Military and other uses include: playgrounds, landscaping, pools, rooftops, boats, docks, wave pools, bonding foam, water slides, lounging areas, and more.

4. Proven long-term durability in all types of climates and harsh conditions worldwide.

Many installations that use cheap, inferior quality adhesives might appear to be “successful” when first completed, but then are plagued by a variety of adhesive failures later on after aging and weathering. Frustrating callbacks start, time and profits are lost, and the installer’s / owner’s reputations suffer. Since NORDOT® Adhesives are formulated for quality, not price, they are made with the highest quality ingredients and consistently deliver ease of handling during installation, followed by long-term durability outdoors in all types of climates and conditions worldwide. An installation that has problems or fails “un-sells” future jobs, whereas an installation that is done well brings referrals for more jobs and enhances your good reputation. NORDOT® solvent-based turf adhesives have a much longer and proven history of successful outdoor use than other turf adhesives.

5. Solvent-based adhesives are far superior to other liquid solvent-free and/or hot melt adhesives.

Solvent is a volatile liquid that converts inherently sticky glue into easy spreading liquids like NORDOT® Adhesives, even when cold. After application the solvent evaporates and the product is no longer hazmat. It returns to its tacky and sticky state with tenacious grab, known as “Green Strength”, which then cures. NORDOT® solvent-based turf Adhesives are far superior in many ways to solvent-free turf adhesives. They “Knock Out” the competition in performance and profits. For example, NORDOT® solvent-based Adhesives are one-part, easy to use, have high green strength (grab), and long-term durability. They can be used in any temperature the installer can work, from desert heat to sub-freezing, and do not crystallize, foam, or stop curing in dry conditions. NORDOT® Adhesives can withstand sudden unexpected rain during installation and have superior water-resistance after cure. If you use solvent-free and/or hot melt adhesives, you’re giving up most or all of these benefits.

6. A consistent 50-year history of being used in successful installations worldwide.

For more than five decades, Synthetic Surfaces Inc. has been designing and manufacturing adhesives for installing outdoor synthetic turf athletic fields, landscaping, running tracks, playgrounds, flooring, tennis courts, wave pools, water slides, and other recreational surface, military, industrial and marine applications. The proof is in their ease of application under widely variable and adverse weather (even in harsh conditions); outstanding water-resistance (above and below fresh and salt water); their long-term durability worldwide; and ability to outlast the life of the installation.

7. NORDOT® is the most trusted and respected adhesive name in the sports turf, recreational and aquatic surfaces industries.

There are many adhesive choices for your synthetic turf, recreational, aquatic, or military surface projects, but there are none that perform as well as NORDOT® Adhesives. That’s because NORDOT® Adhesives are formulated with high priced, high quality raw materials. If you choose your adhesive based on price rather than quality, you can often expect your short-term savings to disappear when your project is delayed due to weather; and/or the adhesive fails after prolonged exposure to heat, cold, rain, snow, wind, etc., resulting in expensive callbacks. NORDOT® Adhesives are focused on ease-of-use and long term durability after cure. That’s why NORDOT® Adhesives are the “Gold” Standard” by which all other turf, recreational and water-durable surfaces adhesives are measured, and why they’re the first choice of informed owners, specifiers and installers.

8. There’s far more to a successful adhesive than just its initial ability to stick.

When you use an adhesive you expect it to stick, and it usually does. However, the real test is not how well the adhesive sticks when you first apply it, but how well it performs over time, especially outdoors. An installer using an inferior, “fair weather” adhesive might be impressed with how well it bonds the surfaces together when first applied, only to be troubled later on by loose seams, wrinkling, bubbling, moving lines, etc. These create safety hazards, and also diminish the surface’s visual appeal. Correcting the problems are usually expensive, profit-busting callbacks, or total replacement. On the other hand, NORDOT® solvent-based Adhesives have a proven record of unmatched performance not only during installation, but long-term durability afterwards in all types of climates and harsh conditions worldwide. That’s one more reason why NORDOT® Adhesives are the “Gold” Standard” by which all other turf adhesives are measured.

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