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Our Business Philosophy

Rugby Scoring

On Solving Problems:

We do not make "commodity type" adhesives because they are already available from several suppliers. We try not to waste our efforts by trying to get a happy adhesive user to switch to our adhesive. Instead, we believe it is to both the user’s benefit and ours, if we can help a potential customer who has an "adhesive toothache" or is suffering without realizing it. If we supply an adhesive that eliminates their problem, the customer will buy it. Hence, we avoid distracting laboratory test numbers like tensile strength, elongation, modulus of elasticity, etc., which do not solve the problem.


On Avoiding Problems:

We also believe that it’s the customer's profit, from the finished product and/or the completed installation, that counts and not the initial cost of the adhesive. We also know that failures and/or call backs for repairs due to low quality adhesives erode profits. However, skeptics do not always immediately agree about price and quality, so some of our best and most loyal customers today left us once to try cheaper adhesives. Now, for better profits and less problems, they stick with NORDOT® Adhesives.


On Change:

Progress dictates that synthetic turf, flooring, sport and recreational surfaces, plus their installation procedures keep changing. A superior adhesive for them today may become obsolete tomorrow so we are continuously designing new NORDOT® Adhesives.

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