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Newtonian Adhesives

#34D-2, #34N-2, #34N-4

One-part, solvent based adhesive for bonding smooth to lightly textured non-porous surfaces.

NORDOT® Adhesives #34D-2
NORDOT® Adhesive #34D-2 is the original one-part, high “green strength” (grab, tack, grip), curing urethane that contains solvent. It is a Newtonian liquid that is packaged in both five-gallon closed-head pails with a pour spout and also in closed-head 55-gallon drums. It can be applied by airless spray, squeegee, roller and trowel. NORDOT® Adhesive #34D-2 has a light syrup-like consistency; is easy to use; has superior fresh and salt water resistance and long-term exterior durability.

NORDOT® Adhesives #34N-2, #34N-4
NORDOT® Adhesives #34N-2 and #34N-4 are one-part, solvent containing curing urethanes with extraordinarily high green strength (grab, tack, grip). They are Newtonian liquids that are packaged in five-gallon closed-head pails with a pour spout.   They can be applied by airless spray, squeegee, trowel and roller.  They have a light syrup-like consistency; are easy to use; have superior long-term exterior durability; plus outstanding fresh and salt water resistance.
Both NORDOT® Adhesives #34N-2 and #34N-4 have basically the same end properties after cure, with the difference being that NORDOT® Adhesives #34N-4 has less odor when being applied; its green strength develops faster; and *it is VOC compliant under SCAQMD Rule 1168 for outdoor installations.
Used to install large synthetic turf football, soccer, baseball and multi-sports fields; pre-fabricated urethane/rubber surfaces; and tennis court surfaces.  Also, for smaller total glue-down installations such as: playgrounds; putting greens; tee-lines; batting cages; batting halos; etc.  Miscellaneous uses include water slides and pools; lounging and landscape turf areas; and around airport runways.

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