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The GOLD Standard in Turf Adhesives

Increase Profits by Airless Spraying
NORDOT® Adhesives

There’s a growing trend to pre-fab installations and bond large areas of turf by airless spraying NORDOT® Adhesives directly from a portable 55-gallon drum or

5-gallon pails. Oppositely, it’s slower and more costly to install landscaping, playgrounds, athletic fields, aquatic and military surfaces by  of troweling, squeegee or glue box methods. 

Bond with Confidence using NORDOT Adhesive.  The high greenth strength (grab) prevents unwanted turf movement, can be app;lied in windy, cold or hot weather conditions, has an installer friendly working window.  They are all one-part, easy to use with no mixing and have superior fresh and salt water resistance.

NORDOT® airless spray adhesives are one-part, high “green strength” (grab), solvent-based moisture-cured urethanes. They’re highly valued for their negligible overspray, minimal airborne mist and faster, more efficient application that reduces labor costs. Plus, they can be applied at any temperature the installer can work, from sub-freezing to intense desert heat, have outstanding water resistance and superior long-term durability in all types of climates worldwide.  

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