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NORDOT Thixotropic Adhesive being poured into an a glue box from an open head pail for fast seam tape application.

Thixotropic Adhesives

#34G, #34R-4(Super)

One-part, solvent based adhesive for bonding smooth to rough surfaces and will hold a trowel ridge.

NORDOT® Adhesives #34G and #34R-4(Super)


NORDOT® Adhesives #34G and #34R-4(Super) are one-part, solvent containing, high "green strength" (grab, tack, grip), thixotropic curing urethanes. They are packaged in open-head five-gallon pails and have a light, mayonnaise-type consistency; are easy to use; hold trowel ridges, even on vertical surfaces; have superior fresh and salt water resistance and long-term exterior durability.  


NORDOT® Adhesives #34G and #34R-4(Super) have basically the same end properties after cure, with the difference being as follows:

  1. #34R-4(Super) has less odor than #34G when being applied;

  2. #34R-4(Super) develops its green strength faster and higher than #34G, which is often beneficial for cold weather installations; 

  3. *#34R-4(Super) has lower VOCs.



Often applied to 12 inch wide tape for bonding turf seams together on large loose-laid synthetic turf installations such as football, soccer, baseball, multi-sport fields; playgrounds; etc.  Also, for the total glue-down of smaller installations such as putting greens; batting cages; batting halos, tee-lines; and pre-fabricated urethane / rubber surfaces.  Additionally, used to make floor mats and golf mats, plus applications where superior fresh and salt water resistance is required, such as pools; water slides; boat docks; and other marine applications. 

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