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NORDOT Turf Adhesives
Four Season Installs & Repairs

Reduce weather-related delays!
Faster Installs = More Profits

NORDOT® Adhesives can be applied in any temperature the installer can work, from sub-freezing to desert heat.

Use Year -round with no temperature restrictions

Several One-Part NORDOT® Adhesives - liquid or light gel forms. No two-part mixing or premature gel waste.

High Green Strength (Grab) - Prevents creep, curling and other unwanted turf movement during installation. No sandbags.

Installer-friendly "Working Window" - won’t “snap cure” nor take all day to set up. Allows sufficient time to work while developing its high-grab in both hot and cold weather.

Hostile Weather - apply in wind, cold, hot, damp or dry weather conditions. Withstands sudden unexpected rain.

Durable After Installation - Long history of successful worldwide, outdoor use.

High “Green Strength” Adhesives
and Their Importance

Green Strength

Probably the most important installation property not realized about outdoor adhesives is their “green strength” (grab, tackiness, grip, etc.) before cure.

“Green Strength” (grab/tack as opposed to oily/slippery) is the important property that gives an adhesive the ability to hold two surfaces together when first contacted and before (still “green”) the adhesive develops its ultimate bonding properties when fully cured. High green strength adhesives are vital for outdoor installations because they help overcome the tendency of surfaces like synthetic turf to separate, curl, bubble, lift,creep, slip and wrinkle during installation without resorting to excessive rolling and/or sand bagging.

Furthermore, a high green strength adhesive must be practical to handle under widely variable weather conditions including not only climate, but also hourly changes in weather conditions during the installation. Installers can’t wait for ideal weather but instead need an adhesive that can be used when it is hot, cold, damp, dry, windy, high humidity, low humidity, etc. An adhesive’s high green strength (grab) when installing and before it cures, is essential in order to overcome the previously mentioned troublesome forces.


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