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Install Durable Synthetic Turf Athletic Fields
via Airless Spray
Using NORDOT® Adhesive #34S-3(Plus) or #34S-4

  • Whether it be field hockey, soccer, football, baseball, playgrounds, etc., achieve faster, durable, high profit installations that are longer lasting outdoors.

  • Superior fields can be installed at any temperature (hot or cold) that the installer can work; look great; and are durable after all types of weathering, by using NORDOT® Adhesive #34S-3(Plus) or #34S-4.

Spray over large area has high “green strength” (grab) and long open time for bonding turf.

Airless spraying
from 55-gallon
drum on a portable spray rig allows for faster, easy coverage of large surface areas.

Airless Spray on for both small and large jobs/installs

“Spider web” spray pattern keeps base on bottom and turf on top water permeable.

overspray and minimal airborne adhesive mist enhance everyone’s safety and cleanliness.

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