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Airless Spray Adhesives

#34S-3(Plus), #34S-4

One-part, solvent based adhesives used for total glue downs and large fields.

NORDOT® Adhesives #34S-3(Plus), #34S-4


NORDOT® Adhesives #34S-3(Plus) and #34S-4 are one-part, solvent containing, high “green strength” (grab, tack, grip) curing urethanes. They are packaged in closed-head 55-gallon drums and are excellent for airless spraying directly from the drum. Both have negligible overspray; minimal airborne adhesive mist; plus water drainable surfaces glued down by them still remain porous. This is achieved because they spray like a “spider web” and do not flow into or clog the pores of the surface when sprayed. This spray property is valuable on porous surfaces such as “popcorn asphalt”, elastic layer, shock pad with holes, etc. Hence, when a total glue-down of a water drainable sub-surface and top surface are bonded together with NORDOT® Adhesives #34S-3(Plus) or #34S-4, the whole system remains water permeable. This is a benefit for some synthetic turf athletic fields, rubber/urethane running tracks, playground surfaces, etc. Their extraordinarily high green strength makes them very useful for bonding long seams and total glue-downs, even in adverse weather. They are easy to use and have superior fresh and salt water resistance and exterior durability.  


NORDOT® outdoor Adhesives #34S-3(Plus) and #34S-4 have basically the same properties after they cure. The difference is in handling because NORDOT® Adhesive #34S-4 has a lower odor; its green strength develops faster and has lower VOCs.



Used for pre-fabrication and/or installation of synthetic turf athletic fields for field hockey, football, soccer, baseball, and other single- or multi-sport fields. Also used for areas around airport runways to reduce bird traffic; on playgrounds; golf courses; putting greens; tee-lines; golf mats; batting cages and halos; tennis courts; pre-fabricated urethane and rubber surfaces; pools; water slides; lounging and landscape areas; landfills; and on other athletic and recreational surfaces.

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