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Why Choose NORDOT® Adhesives?

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All NORDOT® Adhesives are one-part, solvent-based urethanes with high "Green Strength" (grab, tack, grip) during installation, then superior water-resistance and proven long-term durability in all types of climates worldwide after cure.  Plus, they can be used year-round in any temperature the installer can work, from sub-freezing cold to desert heat. 

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Newtonian Adhesives

#34D-2  -  #34N-2  -  #34N-4

Syrup-like consistency.

In five-gallon pails with expandable pour spot

Pour and spread easily, level and flow

Great for bonding smooth to lightly textured, non-porous surfaces.

Apply by trowel, squeegee, roller

Thixotropic Adhesives

#34G  -  #34R-4(Super)

Mayonnaise-like consistency

In five-gallon open head pails.


Spreads easily and hold trowel ridges, even on vertical surfaces


Great for bonding smooth, lightly textured or rough surfaces

Apply by glue box, trowel, squeegee, roller

Airless Spray Adhesives

#34S-3(Plus)  -  #34S-4

Syrup-like consistency

In closed-head 55-gallon drums

Unique "spider-web" spray pattern allows for strong, durable bond that remains porous.

Excellent for projects of all sizes, including total glue downs.

Apply by airless spray directly from the drum, with minimal overspray and mist.


NORDOT® Adhesives

 One-part, easy-to-use, solvent-based high "Green Strength" (grab, tack, grip) adhesives for installing synthetic turf athletic fields, landscaping, playgrounds and other recreational and aquatic surfaces.


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