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As a result of our quarter-century head start in developing sophisticated outdoor adhesives for synthetic turf, we learned that there is much more to selecting an adhesive than just its price, strength and ability to stick. For example, the adhesive must be practical to handle under widely variable weather conditions, and in sub-freezing to hot desert temperatures. It is not only climate that has an effect, but also hourly changes in weather conditions during the installation. Hence, we believe that selecting an adhesive based merely upon its "strength", plus other indoor laboratory testing is a waste because even on the same day, an installation is different at 7:00 a.m. vs. 11:00 a.m. vs. 3:00 p.m. etc., as the sun rises and sets.

Because "installation time is money", installers can’t wait for ideal weather but instead need an adhesive that they can use when it is hot, cold, damp, dry, windy, high humidity, low humidity, etc. Additionally, it’s vital that the adhesive have a high "Green Strength" (high grab) in order to overcome the troublesome forces of “wind lift”; edge curl; creep; wrinkling; surface buoyancy from unexpected rain; expansion and/or contraction due to surface temperature changes from sunlight, shadows and passing clouds, etc.

A profitable outdoor installation requires an adhesive that has an “installer-friendly" working window; high green strength; and excellent handling properties before it cures, regardless of the weather. Furthermore, to keep the profits after cure, it’s not only a good initial bond but also avoiding call backs by using adhesive with proven long term outdoor durability.

 Because we believe that adhesive handling properties are so important, we have developed several single component NORDOT® Adhesives for outdoor installations depending on the type of installation and method of application (spray vs. troweling; Newtonian vs. Thixotropic liquid; glue box; etc.). Some of our new "4-Series" of adhesives even extend the installation season through the winter by making them easier to use in cool/cold weather.