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SS#79  Synthetic Turf: Choose Your Adhesive Carefully ---  Landscape Architect and Specifier News (August 2016)

SS#78  Solve Synthetic Turf Seams Problems ---  Recreation Management (August 2016)

SS#77 Outdoor Synthetic Turf Installations - Choosing and Using Adhesives  --- Landscape Contractor (June 2016)

SS#76 One-Part Solvent-Based NORDOT® Adhesives vs. Four Solvent-Free Glues Plus Sewing ---  Park Recreation & Business  (July 2015)

SS#75 A Safe Alternative To Synthetic Turf Infills --- Athletic Business (January/February 2015)

SS#74 One-Part Solvent-Based NORDOT® Adhesives vs. Four Solvent-Free Glues Plus Sewing ---  Athletic Business  (April 2015)

SS#73 Higher Bottom-Line Synthetic Turf Profits  ---  Athletic Management  (October/November 2014)

SS#72 Q&A Review of the Synthetic Turf Industry ---  Athletic Business (September 2014)

SS#71 Install a Water Drainable Total Glue-Down Surface ---  Recreation Management  (August 2014)

SS#70 Comparison of Six Turf Bonding Systems: One-Part Solvent-Based NORDOT® Adhesives vs. Four Solvent-Free Glues Plus Sewing ---  Athletic Business (July 2014)

SS#69 Selecting Turf Adhesive is Critical: Q & A with Norris Legue, A.K.A. GURU OF GLUE®  --- SportsTurf (March 2014)

SS#66 Words of Wisdom About Installing Synthetic Turf  --- Athletic Business (January 2014)

SS#65 Q&A: Outdoor Synthetic Turf Adhesives --- Athletic Management (October/November 2013)

SS#64 NORDOT® One-Part Adhesives vs. Solvent-Free One-Part Turf Adhesives --- Athletic Business (October 2013)

SS#63 Food for Thought Before Installing Synthetic Turf at Airports --- Airport Improvement (May 2013)

SS#62 Q&A With the Guru of Glue® About One-Part NORDOT® Adhesives vs. One-Part Solvent-Free Adhesives (May 2013)

SS#61 Avoid Suffering With Synthetic Turf Seams Because of Installation Problems, Expensive Call-Backs, Mechanical Seam Joining and Adhesive Selection (April 2013)

SS#67 Safety Concerns About Different Hardnesses on the Same Synthetic Turf Athletic Field and/or Playground Surface --- Park & Recreation Trades (April 2013)

SS#60 How to Avoid Synthetic Turf Seaming Problems (November 2012)

SS#59 Q&A: A Commitment to Quality, A Q&A with Norris Legue --- Athletic Management (August/September 2012)

SS#58 Avoiding Synthetic Turf Installation Problems --- Recreation Management (August 2012)

SS#57 Crystal Ball Question for Architect, Designers, Contractors, Engineers, Specifiers and Installers Q: Name a Turf Adhesive Equivalent to Nordot® Adhesive? A: None (June/July 2012)

SS#56 Companies Trying to “Horn In” on Successful and Proven High Green Strength Turf Adhesives (June/July 2012)

SS#55 Dramatically Increase Installation Profits & Quality by Proper Outdoor Adhesive Selection / Handling Guidelines (January 2012)

SS#54 Synthetic Turf: Total Glue-Downs Are Justifiably Coming Back (October 2011)

SS#68 How Colder Weather Affects Synthetic Turf: Words of Wisdom from the Guru of Glue® ---  SportsTurf  (December 2011)

SS#53 Facility & Operations: More Outdoor Synthetic Turf Adhesive Information --- SportsTurf (January 2011)

SS#52 Sticking It: Adhesives for Synthetic Turf and Recreational Surfaces --- Landscape Contractor (October 2010)

SS#51 Q&A: Effectively Installing Synthetic Turf Outdoors --- Recreation Management (2010)

SS#50 Sticking It – Adhesive for Synthetic Turf and Recreational Surfaces --- Landscape Architect & Specifier News (July 2010)

SS#49 Debunking Propaganda About Sewn Synthetic Turf Seams (June 2010)

SS#48 Experts on the Field, Partners in the Game: Selecting Synthetic Turf Adhesives --- SportsTurf (December 2009)

SS#47 How to Avoid Losing Job Profits Due to Some Synthetic Turf Adhesives (May 2009)

SS#46 How & Why NORDOT® Adhesives #113D and #116F Benefit You --- Floor Covering Installer (March 2009)

SS#45 Q. What Makes NORDOT® Synthetic Turf Adhesives Superior? A. Their High Green Strength (High Grab) (March 2009)

SS#44 Increase Your Installation Profits (February 2009)

SS#43a Outdoor Adhesives for Synthetic Turf: The Difference Between Success or Failure; Profit or Loss (January 2009)

SS#42 Superior Synthetic Turf Installations (February 2009)

SS#41 Correct Outdoor Adhesive Selection: The Difference Between Profit and Loss; Success or Failure; and Avoiding Expensive Call-back (June 2008)

SS#40 Adhesive Choice for Synthetic Turf is Critical: The Difference Between Profit or Loss; Success or Failure; and Avoiding Expensive Callbacks (January 2008)

SS#39 Myths About Glued Synthetic Turf Seams (July 2007)

SS#38 Adhesives for Installing Synthetic Turf: The Difference Between: Success or Failure; Profit or Loss (August 2006)

SS#37 Reliable Synthetic Turf Seams (April 2006)

SS#36 Unrealized Adhesive Suffering – Architects, Specifiers, Buyers and Installers: BEWARE (November 2005)

SS#35 Bonding: Norris Legue, CEO of Synthetic Surfaces Inc., Analyzes What You Should Look for From an Adhesive for Outdoor Applications --- PanStadia (February 2005)

SS#34 Glued vs. Sewn Synthetic Turf Seams (January 2005)

SS#33 Artificial Turf Seams are Potential Hazard --- SportsTurf (October 2004)

SS#32 How to Avoid Hazardous Turf Seams (September 2004)

SS#31 Hazardous Turf Seams (November 2003)

SS#30e All NORDOT® Adhesives for Turf Are Winners! NORDOT® Turf Adhesives for Athletic Fields, Playgrounds, Golf & Tennis, Landscaping, Aqua-Bonding and Football (March 2003)

SS#29 Distributing Stress on Artificial Turf Seams (March 2003)

SS#28b Installation-Friendly Adhesives for Contractors: The Difference Between Loss and Profit (May 2002)

SS#28a Installer-Friendly Adhesives for Specifiers: The Difference Between Loss and Profit (March 2002)

SS#27 Outdoor Sport & Recreational Surface Installation: Sticky Business – Selecting the Best Sports Surface Adhesive --- Stadia (November 2001)

SS#26 Adhesives for Contractors and Installers: The Difference Between Your Loss or Profit (Dec. 2001)

SS#25a Problems of Stressed Artificial Turf Seams (May 2001)

SS#24a Hazards of Stressed Artificial Turf Seams (May 2001)

SS#23 Why, How and What Adhesives Increase Job Profits Floor --- Covering Installer (Fall 1997)

SS#22 How Proper Adhesive Selection Increases Profits --- Eastern Floors Magazine (July/August 1997)

SS#21 You Benefit When Using Water-Free Adhesives --- Western Floors (May 1997)

SS#20 What You Should Know About Indoor Adhesives --- Floor Covering Installer (Winter 1996)

SS#19 Debunking Myths About Golf Mat Hardness --- Golf Range & Recreation Report (September./October. 1995)

SS#18a Synthetic Surfaces Inc., Manufacturers of NORDOT® Adhesives --- Adhesive Age (August 1998)

SS#17 Economics of Golf Mats --- Golf Range Times (May/June 1995)

SS#16 The Tie That Binds: Mat Adhesives Can Make the Difference ---  Golf Range & Recreation Association of America (March/April 1995)

SS#15 What You Should Know About Outdoor Adhesives & Installations --- Floor Covering Installer (1995)

SS#14b Understanding and Avoiding Wood Adhesive Problems --- Hardwood Floors Magazine (January 1996/1997)

SS#13a NORDOT® Adhesives for Wood, Vinyl, Rubber, Turf --- Eastern Floors Magazine (1995)

SS#12 Synthetic Surfaces Celebrates Two Decades in Coatings & Adhesives --- Western Floors, etc. (1993)

SS#11 Proper Adhesive Selection is Vital for Sport Surfaces --- PanStadia International (1992)

SS#9 Common Sense Tips for Gym Floor Longevity --- Athletic Business (November 1986)

SS#7 Installation of Artificial Turf  --- Floor Covering Installation Contractors Assoc. Newsletter (April 1983)

SS#6 Install Synthetic Turf Without the Headaches --- Western Floors & Installation Specialist Magazines (1973)

SS#4 Carpet the Outside of the World --- Flooring (May 1974)

SS#3 Synthetic Turf is a Whole New Ballgame, Coached by Trouble-Shooting Consultant, Outlines Some of the Pitfalls Waiting for the Unwary Specifier of Recreational Surfaces --- Contract Magazine (1973)