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Pictures of NORDOT Adhesives being used in various outdoor and indoor installations.

Applications are by spray, trowel, roller, "glue box" and squeegee.


1) L to R: Dispensing NORDOT Adhesive through a glue box to seam tape; Airless spraying large areas; Rolling out the turf        



2) L to R: Using a stand up trowel;  Pouring NORDOT Adhesive from the pail; Laying porous pad on sprayed adhesive


     Airless Spraying with NORDOT5.GIF (70568 bytes)

3) Applying adhesive via airless spray



4) L to R: Portable rig with 55-gallon adhesive drum and sprayer



5) Bonding large areas with NORDOT Adhesives via airless spraying



6) Above: Applying NORDOT Adhesives to seaming tape through glue boxes


7) L to R: Closing and bonding turf seams


8) L to R: Bonding number and letter inserts


pic15.gif (42745 bytes) PIC11.GIF (56733 bytes)
 9) Two synthetic turf stadium surfaces being  installed by spraying NORDOT Adhesives


NORDOT Adhesives for Aqua-Bonding

pic7.GIF (42753 bytes)     
10) L to R: Waterslide being installed;  Installing a dockside patio;  Installing turf around a pool



 11) L to R: Surf pools


12) L to R: Spreading NORDOT Adhesive with a putty knife;  Troweling on seaming tape;  Applying with a squeegee


glue-pad-pic21.GIF (57774 bytes)  Rubber Being Installed with Nordot2.GIF (82115 bytes)  pic8.GIF (59376 bytes)
13) L to R: Rubber / urethane rolls being installed

 Bonding Line & Numbers WITH NORDOT4.GIF (80477 bytes)   
14) L to R: Bonding game line and number inserts


Turf Seaming7.GIF (94588 bytes)      Artificial Turf Rooftop1.GIF (72785 bytes)
15) L: Turf seaming
C, R: Applying NORDOT Adhesive with a squeegee to install rooftop playgrounds


  wpe5.gif (67251 bytes) 
16) L to R: NORDOT Adhesive being sprayed in hot and cold weather


NORDOT Adhesives for Golf


17) L, R: Golf mats;  Miniature golf course



18) L to R: Installing a short seam; Installing a long seam; Bonding multiple seams simultaneously  



19) L, R: Applying adhesive with a stand-up trowel;  Trowel to seaming tape 


  wood-fl-pic.1.gif (48455 bytes)  troweling-gl.GIF (71188 bytes)

20) L to R: Bonding maple flooring;  Installing a parquet gymnasium floor;  Spreading adhesive with trowel


pic10.GIF (48418 bytes) pouring-gl-wood-fl1.GIF (50630 bytes)

21) L to R: Installing vinyl gym floor;  Pouring NORDOT Adhesive;  Installing maple floor on concrete



22) L to R: Portable rig with 55-gallon adhesive drum and sprayer; open head 5-gallon pail; 5-gallon pail with pour spout